Innovation Camps



STEM is an application-oriented training and sharing program which is implemented in 3 modules with the idea of entrepreneurship for 3rd and 4th grade high school students. 

Who must attend?

Any students that in 11th and 12th grade who wants to take precise and confident steps in order to reach their dreams.

In this project, from science to technology, we took examples of initiatives from Turkey and from whole around the world in order to; 

Offer several inspirational sources to students, 

Pave the way for them to start their own businesses, form their own groups, find an innovative idea and make them to discover how to make their idea better, step by step, 

This educational program, which is practical and application-oriented with high rate of utility , starts with self-exploration and spread to all other goals.

Only with 3 steps you can reach your dreams; 

  • Attend to the trainings.
  • Write your business plan. 
  • Present your ideas to investors.

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